Exploring the experience economy: a renaissance in science, technology and the art

There is so much cultural and technological innovation taking place but is there an overarching narrative to make sense of it all? This talk begins with some economic ideas about how societies have transformed to become experience economies, and then asks what is the next step in this transformation? This sets the context for some emerging cultural themes before presenting some fun snapshots of the emerging field of interactive music and other technology themes. Finally, this talk reflects on historical examples about how science and the arts can help each other to s imagine new types of transformational artistic and other experiences.


Ben Koppelman, Technology policy and creative adviser

Ben Koppelman has a portfolio career split between advising governments and the creative industries. The common themes, however, are the passion for technology, the curiosity about the digital futures we are building, and the stories we tell ourselves along the way. For the last ten years, Ben has been working for the National Academy of Science, advising the Government on a range of research and innovation policies, including cybersecurity, blockchains and artificial intelligence. Previously, he worked as a researcher in the Think World and in intergovernmental sectors, and was trained academically in natural sciences and philosophy. Ben also studied Experience Design at Central St Martins and script writing at Raindance film school, and is an adviser to several collaborations, including Connected Culture at Kings College London (‘a Netflix for the performance arts’) and interactive music projects exploring the potential of immersive experiences.