Truth or Lie?

31 March, 2017 News

Athens Science Festival is waiting for you in Technopolis City of Athens to experience a different version of April’s Fool day. By challenging plausible scientific facts, together we will embark on a journey to the land of scientific forgery.

Starting in the morning, children and adults will be asked to make distinctions between truthful and falsified scientific facts. During the festival’s Interactive Exhibition, scientists promise to enchant you with optical illusions, mind reading tricks and amazing experiments in physics and chemistry that you can repeat at home. Right next to  them, a quiz game will put you to the test: can you really tell the difference between made-up scientific conclusions and the actual scientific facts?

In the afternoon of April’s 1st, the centre of attention in Café Scientifiques will be misleading scientific presentationss. While some of us might doubt scientifically proven discoveries, such as the evolution of species and the human effect on climate change, at the same time we might fear air-spraying, doubt vaccination benefits and trust in other pseudo-scientific theories. These beliefs will be challenged in the “Maze of Pseudo-sciences”.

The founders of «Greek Hoaxes», the first joint Greek effort of bringing down falsified scientific discoveries published online, will show us how to reliably evaluate scientific news. “Athena” Research Centre will disclose the ways misleading scientific conclusions are reached and then spread. Will we be convinced that media network technology can offer a solution to this problem?

Join us at the Art Exhibition, where we will be taking photos of you inside an illusional setup. As soon as it gets dark you may surrender yourself to the enchanted land of the Amazing Dio entertainer. Perhaps you could be the first one to discover the actual techniques behind magic!

April’s Fool in ASF – Programme

11.00 – 16.00
The Labyrinth of Pseudo-sciences / SciCo
Challenge your mind / National & Kapodistrian University of Athens
Revealing the lie/ 3rd High School of Glyfada

17.00 – 17.50
True Science or False Belief? / SciCo

18.00 – 19.50
True or False?
How do misleading news and invalid scientific conclusions prevail?
“Athena” Research Centre

20.00 – 20.50
Pseudo-sciences and online research
Th. Daneilides. Δανηιλίδης, S. Archontis / Greek Hoaxes

21.00 – 22.00
Amazing Dio


18.00 – 20.00
Optical illusion of a bright cube
Nikos Kourniatis