CERN Interactive Tunnel | The fascinating world of particles

22 April, 2018 News

A fully interactive exhibit, that promises to introduce us to the fascinating world of particles, is part of this year´s festival programme!

Visitors enter a tunnel and they are presented with two very high-definition projection surfaces – front and floor, as well as an audio system. Their body movements are captured by a set of four Kinect sensors. They interact with a visualization of themselves immersed in two different universes – one in the presence of the Higgs Field and another without. Visitors wonder what are the effects of the Higgs Field in particles with and without mass. The answer is right in front of their eyes! A little further a different football game is waiting for them, where the visitors play football with protons. What happens when two protons collide?

Concepts like “the influence of Higgs Field on matter” and “particle acceleration and collision” can lead to explanations which are quite often demotivating, hard to understand and even harder to retain. By immersing the public in a fully interactive gaming experience, the CERN Interactive Tunnel manages to bridge the gaps between science education, interactive media and information visualization, creating an entertaining and memorable tool for learning.

In addition to the interactive exhibition open to all visitors, a workshop for primary school teachers on the role of experiential and cooperative creativity in education, will be held.

Interactive Tunnel_
CERN: particles in action | 25-27 April, 09.00- 19.00 & 28-29 April, 11.00- 19.00
The exhibition in Athens is a collaboration of the Ellinogermaniki Agogi with the CMS experiment at CERN, CREATIONS EU project.

Playing with Protons: A wonder-full primary education initiative | 28-29 April, 16.00-18.00