Donate blood, learn how to make a life-saving gift!

11 April, 2018 News

On Saturday 28th of April,  Bloode goes to the Athens Science Festival and invites you to a blood donation experience, full of knowledge and….bloode mystery!
Every drop of blood can be life-saving and all of us can help! From 11.00 to 15.30 you can be the hero of people in need; 10 minutes of your time is what is needed for blood donation.

Furthermore, aiming at making blood donation a fun experience, Bloode presents an escape game designed to increase public awareness on blood donation and the number of donors. The players need 10-15 minutes to answer blood-donation related questions; the game offers a fun experience and a lot of blood-related knowledge!

This year your visit at the Athens Science Festival can be a unique experience! The only thing you need to do is to spot the blood donation mobile unit at Technopolis! Be there!