Athena Research Center enters the sphere of Athens Science Festival 2018 and reveals the magic of digital science

19 April, 2018 News

Searching for the magic in digital science, Athena Research Center organizes its participation to the Athens Science Festival 2018 (25-29 April) and invites magicians of all ages to wear their tall hats and enjoy a flight on the mysterious paths of Information and Communication Technology. Are there any similarities between the world of digital technology and the world of magic? At  the Athens Science Festival 2018, Athena Research and Innovation Center opens the gates of the magical world of Information and Computer Sciences and invites visitors of all ages to explore the infinite possibilities that data can offer –especially when data is open and accessible to all.

As magicians, through our crystal spheres, we will watch open data transforming into a variety of different applications and digital tools. How can we exploit the power of data to make our touristic endeavors more interesting, to foresee crime levels in the other side of the city, to get carried away into past worlds, revive the glamour of historical monuments and discover new medicines and remedies?

Grabbing our magic broomstick, we will navigate through algorithms and networks, travel to the museum of the future, teach robots to understand us. Using the power of data technologies, we will learn how we can protect effectively our planet and its natural resources, how we will keep the soil in a healthy condition, preserve agrodiversity and promote blue growth.

Athena RC researchers will become magicians of the Web and will reveal the secrets that underlie the way algorithms can define search results and change the order web-information is presented to us. Visitors of the interactive exhibition will manage to play a digital guitar just by moving their hands and body! Those who love games can try to open their mind up to the future and free the “princess of knowledge” while learning about the power of open data in the scientific process. Beyond our screens, they can also help an avatar to escape from the digital world by testing their digital knowledge.

Using a crystal sphere, visitors of all ages will talk with the fisherman of the future and will get to know about the digital tools that will enable them to catch all kinds of data in their nets! “How things work around us?” Athena RC in co-operation with CityLab will introduce us to the basic principles of algorithmic way of thinking and promises to change the way we comprehend everyday life. Before we leave the room, robots and the way they are working will appear less magical to all of us…

Those who love robots will also have the opportunity to participate in the Workshop “Playing with my friend, a robot” (Friday, 27/04/2018, Saturday 28/04/2018) and explore the field of human-machine communication by using their gestures to communicate with a robot.

On Friday, 27/04/2018, a panel discussion on “Digital links of the Food Chain” will engage communities in the field of agriculture, alternative production and food chain. Athena RC researchers and prominent speakers in the above fields, will present innovative digital applications and tools that promote agrodiversity.

At last, how far is the world of magic from the world of science? Check out our booths at Athens Science Festival 2018! Towards the end of this journey, the digital logic will shed light onto magic illusions and we will have enhanced our understanding on the borders of science.

The participation of Athena Research Center at the Athens Science Festival is supported by the NSRT.