The crafty manufacturer of the first Greek Super Car

4 March, 2017 News

“Only a few seconds could be enough for the conception of an idea, however its realization implementation will most definitely require a lot more time, effort and money.” . Solving technical problems is an extremely satisfying task for many. It creates a feeling of euphoria similar to that arising from solving a geometry exercise or a crossword puzzle. However, problem solving at either professional or amateur level requires knowledge as well as imagination, or in other words, an idea! In this journey, from inspiration to creation, we will be carried away by the ingenious architect, engineer, ceramicist – potter, mechanic Dimitris Korres, to whom we owe the transfer of up to 40 buildings within Greece and across the globe, as well as the creation of the first Greek Super Car.

Title: The genesis of a brilliant idea || Date & Time: 2 April, 19.00 – 19.50