WHAT’S UP Escape Room | Are you up for it?

17 April, 2018 News

An abandoned nuclear factory. An unstable nuclear reactor about to burst. There is no time to waste: EVERYTHING begins NOW!

Only a team of explorers can handle the situation and save the residents of an entire district from destruction: you and your crew!

Enter WHATS UP Escape Room, solve riddles using your observation skills, your scientific knowledge and your senses to deactivate the nuclear reactor.

The experience of WHATS UP Escape Room is divided into four areas, which succeed one another by leveling up the inventiveness, difficulty and the suspense. Periodic tables of elements, candies with flavors that refer to numbers, safes which unlock with numerical combinations, a tablet that uncovers clues through augmented reality and a series of plugs that must enter the correct socket are the obstacles the players have to get through.

Inside an atmosphere-inducing location, the area of Interactive Exhibition of Athens Science Festival, the visitors of the attraction can experience an innovative adventure in communicating science, thus acquiring an array of positive messages: how science and technology can be useful, the concerns of them used in the right way and the importance of cooperation and teamwork.

Recommended for ages 13-years-old and above.