Theo Anagnostopoulos

Founder and General Director

Anastasia Andritsou


Eleni Grammatikopoulou

Head of Partnerships

Julie Kyriazi

Head of Human Resources and Content Manager

Antonis Kafetzopoulos

Senior Partner

Michalis Stangos

Senior Partner

Polyxeni Kasdovasili


Dinos Apergis


Aspasia Daskalopoulou

Head of Online Communication

Konstantina Margariti

Head of Marketing & Communications Department/ Technopolis City of Athens

Vasiliki Michopoulou

Speakers Liaison

Yannis Rizopoulos

Curator of Innovation and Technology & Speakers Liaison

Giannis Goranitis

Senior Science Editor

Bangelis Kravvaritis

Partnerships and Projects Co-ordinator / British Council

Stamatina Thermou

Corporate Partnership Manager

Giorgos Angelopoulos

Creative Director/ SciCo

Katerina Antonaki

Creative Director/ Technopolis city of Athens

Marianna Bonellou

Artistic Director

Katerina Rotidi

Social Media Coordinator

Eleni Michalaki

Communication Department / Technopolis City of Athens

Feni Benou

Press Office / Technopolis City of Athens

Αlkistis Tsikou


Eleni Konsolaki

Curator of Neuroscience & Keynote Speakers Liaison

Maria Mina

Innovathens Speakers Liaison

Elina Linoxylaki

Production manager / Technopolis City of Athens

Christiana Kazakou

Art and Science Exhibitions Liaison

Angelos Alexοpoulos

CMS Outreach & Exhibitions Liaison, CERN

Patricia Stathatou

Curator of Environmental Science & Cafes Scientifiques Leader

Maria Moutafi

Workshops Leader

Marion Glava

Interactive Exhibition Leader

Kostas Thomopoulos

Live Εxperiments Leader

Julianna Photopoulos

Labs for kids Leader

Martha Georgiou

Stage Manager

Konstantina Chouta

Senior Web Manager

Thanassis Psaltis


Michalis Tochnitis


Karolina Ignatiadis


Sofia Vini

Webmistress/Graphic Designer

Eleni Bazigou

Curator of Bioengineering/ School Coordinator and Web Translator

Νiki Pappa

Evaluation Coordinator

Chrysoula Melidou

Hospitality Manager

Olympia Exarchou

Venue manager INNOVATHENS

Georgia Kalozoumi

General Assistant

Anna Christodoulou

Guest Star

Michaela Diakatou

Guest Star

Elsa Papadimitriou

Guest Star