Patricia graduated from the School of Civil Engineering, NTUA, in 2011. Her dissertation
was on: “Water footprint: a useful tool for optimized agricultural policy setting”, and was
published in the 12th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology
(CEST 2011). She continued her studies in post graduate level at the School of Chemical
Engineering, NTUA. Her PhD thesis was is in the field of Analysis, Design and Development
of Tools and Methods for Water Systems, and is titled: “Water Reuse & Recycling.
Environmental Protection & Performance Metrics”. Since 2011, she is working as a Research
Associate in the Environmental & Energy Management Research Unit (EEMRU) of the
NTUA, participating in several EU Funded Research Projects mainly focusing on integrated
water resources management, water & wastewater treatment & reuse, sustainability &
resource efficiency, circular economy & industrial symbiosis.