Science and Art

28 April, 2014 Blog

Christiana Kazakou, who is an artist based in London and the curator of the Art and Science section of this year’s festival, speaks about the relationship between art and science in the Athens Science Festival blog.

Science is based on logic, whereas art is free and irregular. How is it possible that these so different worlds intersect?
The difference lies in the different methods that they use. While objectivity predominates in the sciences, in art you can be subjective. The interconnection is achieved through creativity, imagination and observation. Both science and art explore worldwide concepts expressing our curiosity about how the world works. Our society needs both parts of the puzzle so that our civilization can be enriched with unexpected ways.

How can we attract the public in science and art?
Science sounds strict and that creates demands, however we cannot ignore its influence, it is present all around us and is necessary for us to perceive the world we live in. That is the subject of this year’s festival. Many museums and organizations use art as a means to communicate science in the public. This perspective is not always welcome by the artists, but we live in a society, where we need all the parts of the construction.