Satellites making the world go round (6-12 yo)

Who doesn’t know the famous Moon, which tirelessly travels around our Earth and makes our nights so beautiful… Still there are up there thousands more little satellites, not so majestic to the eye but working for us day and night for the most important and hard missions imaginable. How did they get there? What exactly is it their job and how do they manage? Let’s get to know their secrets, and, why not, build our own satellite model.”Duration: 30 minutes.
Start every 15 minutes (11:00, 11:15, 11:30, 11:45 και 12:00).”



Sophia Roque-Melas : Museum Educator/Interpreter,
Michelangelo Ricci : Artist/Interpreter,
Roula Vellianiti : Museum Educator/Interpreter,
Dionysis Giannibas : Museum Educator/Interpreter,
Vasso Syrigou : Museum Educator/Interpreter,
Efi Stavridaki : Assistant Interpreter,
Lilian Poulida : Assistant Interpreter,

Industrial Educational Museum