1821: One history – One experiential game.

3D printing in action

A beer in space

A scaled autonomous car of tomorrow

A virtual museum for 1821

A window to the brain

Accent on the Future

AI and its Applications

Ancient Greek Gods and Modern Engineering

Become an Inventors Robot Pilot

Become Environmental Scientist

Beekeepers help the researchers do science

Bees do not make honey just for us!

Biomedical text and network mining

Chemistry X-periments

Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts

Communication, Media & Culture @Panteion

Computer Vision and AI in Education

Digital path towards circular economy

DIY Electrolysis apparatus

Environmental Photography

eTeam Schimatariou… presents!

Exploring historical documents

Fiber Lab by Cosmote

Geology in our Life

Gravitional waves: Windows to the universe

Hand to hand…

Innovations for a Sustainable Future

Intelligent robots

Let’s dive underwater

Let’s talk about earthquakes!

Meteorites: Messengers from Space

Mikroi Iroes and Sciences

Mind your mind!

MissionX: Train Like an Astronaut

Not only humans have stomata!

Paleontology and Geomythology

Peri Anemon & Ydaton

Planets In Your Hand

Protecting the environment for the bees!

Protection from floods

Raising Awareness: Bone Marrow Donation

Robot- kitchen Researchers

Science kits for refugee students

Seeing spectral fingerprints

Space rockets and Satellites

Space weather & Earth’s magnetic field

Spinning around with particles & lasers

String art drawn by an algorithm


The blue Cherry and the red Pea

The Science Escape Room

The world of a metallurgist

The world of microbes: Friends or Foes?

The world of the mining engineer

Therapy dogs

Tracing Climate Change

Turning sugar into alcohol

Virtual Biology Experiments

Virtual chess and board games

Yeah the experiments! We do have them…