3D Digital Fossils Tour

A 2000 year-old computer goes interactive

An “intelligent” look at our earth

Aquarium by Cosmote Blue

Astronomy in your hands

Bioeconomy Village

Biomolecules in Virtual Reality and 3D

Build your own Seismometer

Building the Rube Goldberg Machine

CanSat – Create your own ‘satellite

ChatGPT and Games

Chessboard of Science

Circular Economy in action – ideas

Come and play with the circulatory system

CSI: Environment

DaProtein Code: The code of survival

Design for 3DP through AI-driven Design

Digital Twin! A portal to connect the World!

Dinno and Inno (The humanoid robots)

Educational Robotics Constructions

Experiments from refugee children!

Exploring the brain

F1 in schools

Firo: AI wildfire detection

Geo-adventure in the Museum

Geology for everyone

Getting Started with Arduino 27

Getting Started with Arduino 52

Hydrogonautic campaign

Journey into the Microbial Realm

Learning and caring for the environment

Lego Open Lab by Cosmote

Let’s play with Braille alphabet

Little Heron: modern or ancient Robot?

Marine mammals CSI

Meet the world of food science-nutrition

Meeting of Art & Technology

Meteorites – Messengers from Space


Mind your mind!

Mysteries Unraveled with Bone Proteomics

Mystique STEM-Quake

Newton’s apples Vol 2


Playing with a Neural Network



Reading historical books using AI


Robo-launching with Catapults

Robotics and coding for all!

Robotics and Innovation Championship

Save the Planet: The Battle Begin!

Smart energy management (APEX)

Solar vehicle

Spot (The robotic dog)

STEAM Clubs – ACS Athens

STEAM Strokes

STEAM, art and pop culture

Stories about surface waters

Sun observation using a solar telescope Observing the Sun with a solar telescope

Tales of Human & Atificial Intelligence

The aerospace association of NTUA

The double decker Recycling Bus

The green school

The Inventors Challenge

The Rebirth of Cooking Oil

The sounds of the Cosmos

The Water-Mining PlayDecide card game

Third Eye

Tiny brain: BIG impact

Transforming rainwater to energy

TREC in the City


Α free roam VR experience

μCosmics: an educational telescope

Τhe ELLINIKON 360VR Experience