Go green, go STEAM

University of Athens

How do education and sustainability relate each other? Do circuits and computers have the power to help us protect our planet? How Art intergrades with Physics, Technology, and Programming and helps pupils to comprehend difficult-multidimensional sustainability problems? Let’s learn through playing and increase our creativity! Our students present interactive projects that were implemented in the current school year by Ralleia Robotics-STEAM Club and the ICT Class. Come and explore how knowledge of Art and Environment is embraced through STEM/STEAM, and how interactive objects function through Physics and Programming.

Participation days:

Robotics-STEAM Club Ralleia Experimental Primary Schools


Angeliki Theodosi : ICT educator, Stavros Metlikis, Vasilis Barbayannis, Anna-Theodora Kyriakou, Maria-Antonas Flereas-Falereas, Aikaterini-Anna Trakada, Alexandros Santorinaios, Vasilis Koliarakis, Maria Kontopoulou, Alkistis Zistra, Konstantina Vavouraki, Konstantinos Vlassis, Mattheos Petrodontakis, Zacharias Mastorakis, Efstathios Voutsilakos, Athanasios Drys, Iliana Panagiotarakou, Agioblasiti Kalliopi, Eleni-Ioanna Dimopoulou, Fanis Dimitroglou, Giorgos Giatras: students