Weather Mysteries…

National Observatory of Athens

How is lightning created? What different types of clouds are there? How can we predict the weather by just ‘reading’ the clouds? How likely is it to see a hurricane in Greece? What does climate mean and what is climate change? Answers to these and other fascinating secrets of meteorology revealed in our interactive educational exhibition in ASF! Through videos, simulations and experiments, visitors will have the opportunity to become familiar with meteorological instruments and how they work, understand how weather phenomena are created and how to protect ourselves from them. Associates of the National Observatory of Athens/ will be on site to explain the exhibits, organize the experiments and respond to questions.

Participation days:
03/04/2019, 04/04/2019, 05/04/2019, 06/04/2019, 07/04/2019

TITAN Cement Company S.A., National Observatory of Athens / “Peri Anemon & Ydaton” scientific team for Educational Meteorology of


Ioannis Koletsis, Elissavet Galanaki : PhD in Meteorology-Climatology and Atmospheric Sciences, Associate Researchers of National Observatory of Athens / – Scientific Curators, Vera Nomikou, Emi Dinopoulou, Vassilis Vafiadis, Antonis Bezes, Panagiotis Giannopoulos