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9 October, 2023 News

Are you interested in joining a speed dating session with distinguished researchers? Explore unique art and science exhibitions? Take a tour of the Acropolis and see up close how the temple of Parthenon looked in ancient times? 

All these and many more await you in this year’s full programme of the Athens Science Festival Student Edition!

Join us at the Technopolis City of Athens from Tuesday, October 10th, to Thursday, October 12th, to have fun, get inspired, and “Shape Your Future”! Students will have the chance to discover the fascinating world of STEM professions, while university students and educators will have the opportunity to participate in innovative workshops

At the opening ceremony of this year’s three-day festival of science and innovation, on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 10th, the popular YouTubersMad Scientist” and “Tech to me About it”, who are experts in science communication, will share an engaging discussion titled “AI and Pseudoscience: Enemy and Tool in the Battle Against Misinformation”. What could possibly emerge from this unique collaboration?

Next up is Georgia Maniati, who is specializing in computational linguistics. In her speech titled “Giving Voice to Machines: My Story” the accomplished scientist will introduce us to the fascinating technology that makes human-computer interaction more natural and inspire us with her unconventional career path. Have you ever considered that the profession you might pursue in the future may not even exist yet?

Athens Science Festival 2023 highlights

Among the highlights of this year’s ASF programme, four art exhibitions stand out, promising to captivate science enthusiasts. We’ll delve into the European program, MedNight, with an exhibition honoring the pioneering women scientists of the Mediterranean who contributed significantly to advancements in healthcare. Additionally, we will embark on a “marine” documentary journey, featuring researchers who will inform us about contemporary issues such as climate change, health, and pollution.

A unique photography exhibition will “transport” us to Africa, allowing us to discover the STEM in Tanzania volunteer program, a collaborative effort between the educational organization Science Communication – SciCo and the non-profit organizations Wheeling2help and SANA – Saving Africa’s Nature, with support from Miseni Retreat. Furthermore, the exhibition by Dr. Lefkothea-Vasiliki Andreou and the University of Ioannina will guide us into the world of illusions. Leveraging tools like 3D printing, we’ll explore how error and uncertainty are intertwined with the learning process.

For yet another year, COSMOTE supports the grand celebration of science, technology, and innovation as the Major Sponsor of the festival and introduces us to the innovative COSMOTE CHRONOS app. This groundbreaking application, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Sports, “brings to life” the Acropolis during its prime, right on your mobile phone or tablet. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies like AR, VR, and AI, combined with the capabilities of the 5G network, this app offers a unique opportunity to explore the monuments and delve into their history. Meet Clio, the digital assistant, who will guide users through the historic landmarks, answering all their questions! The app is available for free download, accessible to everyone, whether they’re standing on the rock of the Acropolis or anywhere else in Greece or the world. 

Furthermore, at this year’s ASF, you’ll have the opportunity to attend two panel discussions focused on Digital Gaming:

In the panel discussion titled “The Future of Digital Gaming“, Georgios N. Yannakakis (Professor and Director of the Institute of Digital Games at the University of Malta and Co-Founder of, Vangelis Kalloudis (Senior Product Manager at Kaizen Gaming), and Giannis Routis (LegitGamingGR) will delve into the future of digital gaming. We will get to explore professional opportunities in this exciting field. Dr. Elina Roinioti will be the panel moderator. This discussion is powered by Kaizen Gaming.

In the panel discussion titled “Game On: Building a Career in the Gaming Industry” four leading professionals and researchers will share their journeys in the industry of digital gaming. Athena Polina Dova, Kate Mataraga, and Christina Chrysanthopoulou, under the coordination of Dr. Elina Roinioti, will shed light on their paths to success in a predominantly male-dominated field. You’ll come to realize that achieving your goals is always possible, no matter where you begin!

Additionally, at this year’s three-day event, we’re setting up a “date” with science! The British Council  invites students to participate in a speed dating event with scientists from the UK Alumni network. This provides students with a unique opportunity for informal conversations with scientists from various fields. Small groups of students will have 5 minutes each to interact with each scientist, allowing them to learn as much as they want.

Last but not least, don’t miss out on ASF’s evening events: Stargazing, Chemistry, Love and Shakespeare and a night of laughter with the Science Reactors.

The greatest science celebration is approaching, and it invites you to “Shape Your Future”! Have you booked your ticket yet?

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The Athens Science Festival 2023 is organized by the educational organization “Science Communication – SciCo“, the British Council and the Technopolis City of Athens in collaboration with a number of academics, research bodies and educational organizations.

Main Sponsor COSMOTE.

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Tuesday, October 10th to Thursday, October 12th, 2023

General admission: 7 euros
Entrance for students/people with disabilities/unemployed: 5 euros