Athens Science Festival On Demand | How to Watch

31 March, 2021 News

From April 1st to April 4th, the Athens Science Virtual Festival will be available for you on demand from the event’s platform. You only have to log in!

How to Log-in:

For access to the platform registration is required

Α. Instructions for registration

  1. Click on “Register” button.
  2. Fill-in your First name and Surname
  3. If you already hold a ticket for AMPHITHEATER Hall, fill-in your e-ticket BARCODE, in the field “Ticket Code
  4. If you wish to attend only the free events at SYMPOSIUM Hall, please proceed in the next steps.
  5. Fill-in your e-mail address
  6. Create a Password
  7. Confirm your Password
  8. Accept the terms of the Privacy Policy of the platform
  9. Click on “Register”

Β. If you have already registered at the platform

  1. Fill-in your e-mail address
  2. Fill-in the password you created at the registration stage

C. If you are already connected at the platform but you cannot see the sessions at Amphiteater Hall

  1. Click on MENU
  2. Click on Profile (up-right corner)
  3. Fill-in your e-ticket BARCODE in the field “Ticket Code”
  4. Click Save

D. If you are already connected and you possess more than one ticket codes

  1.  Click on MENU
  2.  Click on Profile (up-right corner)
  3.  Delete your previous Ticket Code (it has been previously saved)
  4.  Fill-in your new e-ticket BARCODE in the field “Ticket Code”
  5.  Click Save
  6.  Repeat the process for every ticket code you possess

For technical support regarding platform services and on-demand videos you can send mail at: [email protected]| [email protected] or contact Thursday-Friday 10.00-17.00 and Saturday-Sunday 12.00-14.00 at 210 9984920, 210 9984882. For ticket purchase issues, please contact Viva.