Blind Science

27 April, 2014 News

Why is the sky blue?
Why does a pop corn pop?
How are characteristics transferred through the generations?
What is a shooting star?

Ask everything you want to know on everyday science and have a team of talented young scientists, distinguished in science communication, give you the answers! Come to Blind Science, put your own question in the box and see what happens. The scientists will randomly choose a series of your questions and they will try to answer them on the spot, in a simple, understandable and fun way in just 3 minutes.

Organisation: British Council
Participants: Stavros Dimitrakoudis, Astrophysicist, Marina Lantzouni, Biologist Oceanographer, Nick Moustakas, Materials Scientist, Nick Papadimitriou, Chemical Engineer, and Anna Christodoulou, Physicist.
Host: Theo Anagnostopoulos, Molecular Biologist, Athens Science Festival Founder and General Director

Thursday May 1: 19:30, 984 Amphitheather