Cave of Sounds | A contemporary musical ritual

12 April, 2018 News

The Cave of Sounds installation connects music’s origins with the radicalism of the music hacker scene. Eight bespoke instruments are exhibited in a circle. They are there to be played by the audience in an unmediated collaborative exploration.

The instruments are all designed to be intuitive, accessible for all ages and to require no prior experience. Each is the creation of a different artist and presents a unique way of creating sound. A playful space of diverse methods and sounds emerges, with as equitable an experience for participants with no musical experience as for those who are musically adept.

Cave of Sounds aims to dismantle the distinction between player and listener, reviving music as an active communal experience. It is music as we imagine it was for prehistoric cave dwellers: something we do rather than consume and a ritual of excitement.

Experience it at the Athens Science Festival!

Title: Cave of Sounds || Dates: 25-29 April || Art Exhibition
The Cave of Sounds interactive installation is supported by the British Council and the British Embassy in Athens.
The artist will be present to say a few words about Cave of Sounds on 27, April at 18.30.