Dimitri Vassilakis | Jazz Improvisation and AI Interaction

26 February, 2021 News

Is there any common ground between artificial intelligence (A.I.) and jazz music? We suggest you take a few moments before giving a negative answer! At Athens Science Festival we will witness an unconventional merge between the two by Dimitri Vassilakis and his crew in the event “Jazz improvisation and A.I. interaction”.

How is it even possible one may ask. Well, it all comes together through DYC12 and Omax system developed at IRCAM. It is a system that interacts in real time with human-musicians by reshuffling fragments of music and visual material. The system inputs original music and poetry articulated by the human musicians and its response is triggered by the length, attack, gesture movements, and articulation of the saxophone and guitar improvisations.

The world-renowned, charismatic saxophonist and adjunct staff and researcher at the master course «Music Technology and Contemporary Practices» of the Athens Kapodistrian University will focus on jazz improvisation as storytelling, the connection with language, poetry, and prose, as well as its applications to artificial intelligence and natural language processing systems.

“Jazz improvisation and AI interaction” will be a pioneering concert that will not only entertain but also demonstrate new applications of A.I. technology in fields we never imagined.

Event title: Jazz improvisation and A.I. interaction || Date & time: Sunday 28 March, 21.30-22.30