Elena Andreicheva | Science Communication via Documentaries

18 March, 2021 News

How do these documentaries communicate science? Are some more effective than others at communicating the concepts and facts about science? How do documentaries balance the need for dramatic storytelling with factual content? How can they bring people closer, not just to the science, but to the scientists, in an authentic way? Can documentaries be a very effective way to introduce yourself to new topics or to gain more depth in certain topics you may already be knowledgeable in?

Award-winning British filmmaker, Elena Andreicheva will be featured in this year’s Athens Science Festival to present us with some very interesting answers to the aforementioned questions. During the special discussion titled ‘Science Communication via Documentaries’, Andreicheva will also talk about the role of documentaries as a way to understand science and technology.

The discussion will be moderated by Thanasis Troboukis, data journalist and project manager at iMedD Lab.

Elena Andreicheva is an Oscar and BAFTA-winning Producer and Filmmaker working across documentaries that fuse personal stories with powerful journalism. Born in Ukraine, she studied at Imperial College London (BSc Physics and MSc Science Communication) before sinking deep into filmmaking through jobs in TV production from 2006.

Speech title: Science Communication via Documentaries || Date & time: Monday 29, March, 18.00-18.50