Gravitational Waves: a new observational window to the Universe

19 October, 2022 News

Space and time compose the setting for every act of our life, yet our mind cannot conceive their true nature. How could we imagine, that time can flow variously for different observers or even “freeze” inside a black hole?

How could we imagine, that space can be deformed?

Could you imagine that science now has the tools to detect gravitational waves, “ripples in spacetime” that come from the cataclysmic collision of black holes hundreds of millions of light years away?

Did you know that you too can optimize Gravitational Wave detectors through the GWitchHunters citizen science initiative?

The action “Gravitational Waves, a new observational Window to the Universe” invites you to “distort Space-Time” with your body as if you were a star, a supernova explosion or a black hole, through a unique exhibit that takes us to the edge of the universe, marrying art with science using new technologies.

As part of the action you will have the opportunity to learn how modern Gravitational wave detectors such as Virgo in Pisa, Italy work and how they can detect small displacements smaller than one thousandth of the proton radius and also to learn how you can become a member of a community of other citizens, educators, and researchers who analyze data, participate in discoveries, and help scientists optimize the Virgo Gravitational Wave Detector.

The action is organized by the Ellinogermaniki Agogi with the support of the European Gravitational Observatory and the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) within the European initiative REINFORCE.

The action is overseen by:

Emmanuel Haniotakis, Maria Panagopoulou, Dr. Sofocles Sotiriou

Ellinogermaniki Sxoli

With the support:

Giada Rossi, Dr. Vincenzo Napolano,

European Gravitational Observatory (EGO)