Hacking STEM with Palladio School | A real STEM experience for all!

22 March, 2019 News

Palladio School takes part in the Athens Re-Science Festival and proposes a special lab for kids and a workshop for adults. Our little friends will have the chance to create complex constructions only by using everyday materials and they will collect real-time data through Microsoft’s “Hacking STEM” software. STEM is a modern and innovative educational approach which uses 4 fields: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Through this educational methodology, children are provided with the necessary qualifications to develop their skills, to foster their love for research as well as to learn how to use the new technological means in a right and effective way.

How does Microsoft’s “Hacking STEM” program differ? We are talking about a field open to experimentation. The students are creating with simple everyday materials. They can, also “hack” the suggested activities, following their teachers’ instructions, in order to develop and adjust them to their own needs and demands.

STEM for everyone along with the teachers and the students of Palladio School. Join us in a real STEM experience in this year´s Athens Re-Science Festival!

Hacking STEM  // 3, 4, 5 April, 09.00-14.00 & 6, 7 April, 11.00-16.00 // Lab for kids
Hacking STEM // 3-7 April, 16.00-20.00 // Workshop
Organisation: Palladio School