Watch the video that our speaker Jim Al-Khalili send to Athens Science Festival

23 March, 2017 News

Athens Science Festival, will raise the curtain of the new and complex world of Quantum Biology. Can quantum phenomena explain the origin of life? Can living life as we know it hinge upon rules beyond our grasp? “The quantum world is so bizarre, that even alien abduction stories seem completely reasonable”, says Jim Al-Khalili, one of the most famous scientists of Great Britain. But fear not – Athens Science Festival will take us by the hand and lead us to a journey into the limits of science fiction. Al-Khalili is Professor of Theoretical Physics in the University of Surrey, where he teaches Quantum Mechanics while he is also the Director of the Science Communication Department for the dissemination of scientific subjects to the general public. Will he put us under his sway and convince us that “one of the biggest accomplishments of science is to bring around humanity to realising that the world is comprehensible”as he has previously stated?

Event title: Event Title: Is Life Quantum Mechanical? The emerging science of quantum biology || Date & Time: 1 April, 20.00-20.50

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The talk of Professor Jim Al-Khalili is taking place with the support of TRAVLOS publishers.