R.S.I. “Panos Mylonas” | Road safety courses supported by Cyclon Lubricants

13 April, 2018 News

Road accidents in Greece are a non-stop problem with dramatic consequences, being the number one cause of death for ages between 16 and 29. The training program offered by the Road Safety Institute (R.S.I.) “Panos Mylonas”, aims to address this very problem. Today’s students are tomorrow’s drivers and therefore their education on road safety and behaviour is of particular importance.

How weak are our reflexes under the influence of alcohol and what are the consequences of avoiding the safety belt during a collision? How easily is our attention distracted during driving and how fast can a driver stop his/her vehicle in case of an emergency? A number of empirical activities using simulator equipment promise to give answers and invite us to redefine the way we drive. This state-of-the-art equipment is unique in Greece and has been chosen so that the messages from each of the implemented activities complement one other. This brings on the table strong arguments for every issue that concerns our behaviour on the road and supports the better application of rules for safe driving in our everyday lives. In the end, road safety is a matter of education and culture!

27 April || Do it right || Kids Lab
27-28 April || Do it right || Interactive Exhibition

The above activities are kindly supported by Cyclon Lubricants