Art meets science in Coding Maestros

17 March, 2019 News

What is the result when music and dance meet coding? The exciting educational workshop Coding Maestros, which is conceived and implemented by the American Community Schools of Athens (ACS) in Athens Re-Science Festival 2019.

Coding Maestros is a STEAM project, designed for elementary school students. The main goal of the activity is to demonstrate the harmonic collaboration of arts and science through a continuum of learner-centred, authentic as well as exciting educational activity. The Coding Maestros through the use of augmented reality software combines student-performed music, coding, as well as live instrumental and dance performances. The workshop demonstrates how through inspirational and innovative educational STEAM activities students can have an unforgettable and unique learning experience.

Coding Maestros |5 April | 11:00 – 12:30
Organiσed by: American Community Schools of Athens (ACS)