Change is coming… with 15 unique labs for kids about the environment!

17 March, 2019 News

15 Unique environmental laboratories are taking place in Athens Re-Science Festival!

Change is coming this year … in the Athens Re-Science festival and this change could only be depicted in many different environmental labs for kids and for the whole family! Visit this year’s festival and discover a series of unique environmental workshops. Learn how to create a sustainable daily life while reducing your environmental footprint in the most entertaining way! Specifically:

What problems can be caused by the presence of nets in the sea bottom? Who is in danger because of them? What can we do; With the impressive initiative of the Healthy Seas for Sustainability and the In-Depth kids’ lab, children will create their own virtual campaign or business in response to the problem of “ghost” nets that are particularly harmful to the seabed and marine ecosystems.

Healthy Seas / 6 April / 13: 00-16: 00

The Hellenic Center for Marine Research with the activity Marine litter, SOS! Invites us with the use of stereoscopes as scientists of the future, to detect the presence of plastic and microplastic particles in a handful of sand from a beach! It is time to emit SOS to reduce plastics in the seas and contribute to the global effort for healthy oceans!

Hellenic Center for Marine Research / 5 April / 9: 00-10: 30

The migratory journey of birds has always caused us many questions: where do they come from? Where are they going? Why are they traveling? The Hellenic Ornithological Society invites Primary children through the action Winged travelers, to get to know the wonderful world of birds, their migratory trips, the dangers they face. Learn all the secrets of immigration that have been unlocked through an experiential activity!

Hellenic Ornithological Society / 3 April / 9: 00-10: 30

The Aegean University and the Skyros Island Organisation manage to travel and sensitize the vast earth, spreading the message of environmentally responsible behaviour. Will you give your hand into this chain? Come to the workshop, SKYROS travels and become a member of an active community that aims to enhance the voice to protect the environment for a more quality lifestyle.

University of the Aegean, Port Authority of Skyros / April 3/11: 00-12: 30

ROBOTONIO knows many different ways to protect one of the most valuable goods for humanity … Water! Students will learn how to design and build their own ideas for saving water through the workshop Can you save the water?  Discover if you can think how to save it!

ROBOTONIO / 7 April / 13: 00-14: 45

How many times did life disappear from the planet Earth? What did this mean for the species that were lost forever and for those that continued life? What would have happened to our planet if there had been no mass extinction of species? The Teaching Team of the Department of Geology and Geoenvironment of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens gives all the answers at the Dino alert! Massive disappearances! 

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Department of Geology and Geoenvironment, Teaching Group / 5 April / 9: 00-10: 30

Sea turtles exist on Earth since the dinosaurs! The award-winning program “Niretta the Caretta” by MEDASSET – Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles, aims to educate children regarding sea turtles, their habitats and the adverse effects of the environment on humans with emphasis on marine litter.

The action Hercules and the Geythyology of M. / 6 April /11: 00-12: 45

During Educaltour’s  lab What happens to a dump? Children and parents are divided into subgroups and undertake to construct city mock-ups. Each city will have houses, people, animals and a dump. The garbage truck brings garbage to the dump and it fills! how can individually improve the situation? Come to ASF 2019 to discover it together!

Educaltour / 7 April / 13: 00-14: 45

Samaras Shoes Art s.1999 with the Kids Shoe Art Fun workshop will offer you an imaginative creative activity for kids, through shoe recycling and the reuse of everyday life materials!

Samaras Shoes Art s.1999 / April 7/11: 00-19: 00

Who stole the flowers from the land of bees? What happened to bees? Who are the culprits? A mystery has spread to the city! This year at the Athens – Re Science Festival The bee camp is looking for experienced Bee-detectives, who, using all their senses, will have the opportunity to learn about the life of the bee and its important role on our planet!

The Bee Camp / 7 April /11: 00-12: 45

Mythologion Through the Action The silenced rοbins invites us to live an artistic narrative experience through which they will be sensitized to make environmentally friendly decisions and personal choices about insecticides and pesticides while cultivating consciousness and listening and speech skills!

Mythologion / 7 April / 15: 00-16: 45

Focusing on increasing environmental awareness through digital art, the PCAI training program entitled Can I Move You? is based on experiential activities that allow children to learn by playing.

PCAI Organization / April 4/9: 00-10: 30

The Institute Team for the World invites us through the activity Let them live again! to meet a program of re-use of “banners” to re-create products! The creation of second-hand products is based on the “Upcycling” philosophy, ie the conversion of objects or materials, which would end up as waste in second-hand products. We are waiting for you at ASF 2019 to show you an original way to reduce waste and protect the environment!

Institute for the World / 6 April / 13: 00-14: 45

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