Pluto: A story-long distance

3 March, 2017 News

Moving from Earth to space. Stamatios Krimigis, the greatest Greek Astrophysicist, will take us on a historic journey in the exploration of our solar system. Krimigis has participated in the most important NASA expeditions to the planets of our solar “neighborhood”, such as the Voyager 1 και 2 and recently the New Horizons expedition, which in 2015 reached Pluto for the first time. He is going to unravel before our eyes the exciting stories of the space explorations in our solar system that began from Mercury and reached Pluto in 50 years-time, discovering places that no one could ever imagine.

Event Title: From Mercury to Pluto in 50 years: A Modern Epic in the Exploration of the Solar System || Date & Time: 31 March, 19.00-19.50