Newton’s Apples at the Athens Science Festival!

15 October, 2022 News

Do you like apples?

Do you own a smartphone with a camera and internet connection?

Find the hidden apples inside Technopolis, scan, win!

Pay attention to the Law of Gravity!

The participatory game-performance Newton’s Apples is a mixed reality event that interactively combines Site Specific Performance and Gaming, and is specifically designed for the Athens Science Festival “Worlds of Tomorrow”.

The visitors of the ASF 2022 will have the opportunity to locate digital apples “hidden” inside Technopolis, scan them and earn points which can then be exchanged for real apples at the performer-greengrocer’s stall.

In a digestible and extremely simple and “pop” way, Newton’s Apples poses the dilemma of physical versus digital and ends up with their harmonious coexistence. The physical remains the essence of human life and action, and the digital is the technological medium that enhances human life by contributing to inquiry, research, development and entertainment.

The event is organized by Homo Ludens – Urban Dramaturgy Explorations, an ecosystem of young artists and scientists working on the development of urban dramaturgy events and games based on mixed reality technologies. These events combine play with performing and interpretive arts, as well as with tours of the city and the wider public space. 

Newton’s Apples is an all-day event aimed at ages 10+ (or accompanied by an adult if younger) due to the use of smartphones. Participation instructions will be available at the “greengrocer’s” stall near the entrance of the Athens Science Festival, and the game is realized with the kind sponsorship of the Agricultural Cooperative of Zagora (ZAGORIN apples).

The Web Based App “Newton’s Apples” was created by media42, while the photo of the event that poses the dilemma of “physical or digital” (comic strip) has been created entirely by the DALL-E artificial intelligence program, specifically for this mixed reality event.

See you there!

Technopolis City of Athens, 21-23 October 2022

Homo Ludens – Urban Dramaturgy Explorations

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