Wrong time? Wrong place!

23 March, 2017 News

In this fast-changing world, people make sure that everything works according to schedule. Military operations, bank transactions, mobile networks and internet use, all depend on the time measured by the atomic clocks in the USA Naval Observatory and the mastermind behind them, Demetrios Matsakis, also known as the “Guardian of time”. He loves the clocks as a father would his children, however he never wears one! There is no such thing as a “perfect” clock, however, by combining approximately 100 atomic clocks – operating based on the observation of atomic oscillations – of 4 different types, Matsakis succeeds in measuring time with remarkable precision, minimizing any chance weak spots. If the measurement of time falls through even for a billionth of a second, innumerable time-dependent systems that regulate our daily life will be destroyed.

Event Title: Theories of Time || Date & Time: 1 April, 19.00-19.50