Periodic table of elements | The table of life!

29 March, 2019 News

This year’s Athens Re-Science Festivalproudly hosts one of the most vital tables worldwide, the table of life itself! Periodic table celebrates its 150 years since its creation from Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev, with 2019 being established as the International Year of the Periodic Table.

SustChem supports the Hellenic Association of Chemical Industries and Ravago Greece, by creating an interactive version of the table, on which visitors can discover and memorize all chemical elements that compose it, learn their names and properties and understand how chemistry is connected to our daily lives.

The periodic table of elements is waiting for you!

 Periodic Table of the Elements in everyday life // 3-7 April 2019 // Interactive Exhibition
Organisation: Hellenic Association of Chemical Industries, RAVAGO Greece, and with the support of HEL.PE. and BASF Hellas