Peter Agre | Opening Doors Worldwide Through Medical Science

1 March, 2021 News

Most people today live longer lives and in better conditions compared to any previous period of human history. This is mostly the result of the amazing progress medical science has achieved through the last decades. But could medical science be transformed from a practiced method of enhancing the health of individuals to a substantive force of shaping a better world?

Peter Agre gives a positive response. “The major lesson I learned from a four-decade career in medical science is that we have a unique opportunity to make the world a better place”, states the renowned professor and the director of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Malaria Research.

The  2003 Nobel Chemistry winner will be hosted at the Athens Science Festival digital platform to talk about the importance of expanding the potential of medicine to the progress and development of humanity. In his special talk, “Opening doors worldwide through Medical Science”, Peter Agre will present medical science as a source of optimism for the future of our species.

The discussion will be moderated by Biologist and Science Journalist Dr.Vasiliki Michopoulou.

Peter Agre studied chemistry at Augsburg College (B.A. 1970) and medicine at Johns Hopkins (M.D. 1974). He is a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor and since 2008 has been the Director of the Malaria Research Institute at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. In 2003, Agre shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering aquaporins, a family of water channel proteins found throughout nature and is responsible for numerous physiological processes in humans. Agre is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and Medicine for which he chaired the Committee on Human Rights. 

Speech Title: Opening doors worldwide through Medical Science || Date & time: Saturday 27 March, 19.00-20.00