Planetarium on the Go | A journey from the Earth to the Universe

19 March, 2019 News

Are you ready for a fascinating experience that transcends Earth’s boundaries?

Αre you curious to discover the mysteries of the Universe? Do you want to see the starry sky as you’ve never seen it before, through a unique audio-visual educational experience? You’re in the right place!

In this year’s Athens Re-Science Festival,  8 astronomy documentaries by Planetarium on the Go (Portable Digital Planetarium) will take you on a fascinating journey of space exploration. The Planetarium’s hemispherically shaped screen, 6 meters in diameter, projects images on the entire inner surface of the dome- surrounding viewers and creating an amazing experience of full immersion!

A unique journey among magical views of the universe is in store- but that’s not all! If the unpredictable spring weather allows, we will be able to observe the stars with our own eyes, using the Portable Digital Planetarium’s telescope.

Don’t miss it!

The participation of Planetarium on the Go in the Athens Re-Science Festival is generously supported by the U.S. Embassy in Greece. 

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Planetarium On The Go – Digital Portable Planetarium