Recycling today and at the Athens Science Festival

15 October, 2022 News

A study has found that by August 2021, over 8 million tons of pandemic-associated plastic waste had been generated globally, with more than 25,000 tons— the equivalent of 2,000 double-decker buses—entering the global ocean. While the global plastic waste problem has long been out of control, Covid-19 has intensified our use of single-use plastics, pushing the issue to new heights.

Awareness of the scale of the planet’s waste problem is growing, with governments in many countries ramping up recycling programs. Businesses around the world are also increasingly incorporating the use of recycled materials into their products.

How easy is it to recycle products in our daily life? Certainly simpler than it seems.

Be conscious team is coming to the Athens Science Festival 2022 and has designed a workshop and games to introduce to kids, the importance of recycling, reusing, exchanging, and also donating and not just throwing away.

In addition, the Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF) & the Educational group “Bibliodiaplasi” have created a series of short and interactive games that aims to sensitize children (6-11 years) to adopt an environmental friendly daily routine with less use of plastic within the values of sustainability. Children will test their knowledge, will try to find a green way out to a labyrinth, and will search for key green words along with their classmates and facilitators

However, the Hellenic Marine Research Center examines recycling too from the perspective of the sea. Using the Marine mammals app, he plays with the audience as they interact with the marine mammals and the effects that litter has on their lives. They recycle plastics and turn them into unique creations.

How much does plastic influence our lives on a regular basis? Can we live without plastic?

Recycling is the Future because, without it, there will be no future.