Geitonas School at ASF 2019

22 March, 2019 News

What is the common element among a testing tube, the sun and an exoplanet? They all consist elements of the activities which Geitonas Schools offer to the audience of this year’s Athens Re-Science Festival! During the activity “A fairytale with scientific truth” we will use chemistry so as to interpret the well-known fairy tale “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. Meanwhile, if you have ever wondered how much energy is provided by the Sun to the Earth, then you will find the answer on the live experiment “Solar Energy Measurement”. Using simple materials, we will measure the energy that the Sun is providing us, and which is essential for life on Earth. Finally, during the Remora project, we will meet a small robot which will explore remote solar systems in order to find planets with conditions suitable for human life. This will happen by analyzing the atmosphere and through the collection of soil samples.

A fairytale with scientific truth | 5, 7 April | Live Experiments
Discovering the power of sunlight | 5, 7 April | Live Experiments
Remora project | 5, 7 Αpril | Live Experiments

Organisation: Geitonas School