TechSign: Design meets Technology at the Athens Science Festival

11 March, 2015 News

The exhibition “TechSign: Design meets Technology” comes to prove that … everything can be a source of artistic inspiration, and furthermore, reveal the creative/artistic side of technology.

A special selection committee, formed by INNOVATHENS, chose 12 promising design artists, who were to be inspired by the products and services of The Hellenic Association of Mobile Applications Companies (HAMAC). The companies presented their products to the designers and provided with all the necessary information.  Then, the designers experimented without any guidelines/restrictions with both the materials provided by INNOVATHENS and various techniques, with the aim to produce an exhibit that would be strictly associated with the selected product.

TechSign is the result of a productive collaboration between designers and companies, the ‘fruit’ of a constructive relationship that was based on aesthetics, creativity, innovation and usability. The exhibits highlight the main advantages and characteristics of the products and services, with the aim of making technology and its use comprehensible to the public. The copyright for the exhibits belongs to the designers.

From Tuesday March 17th to Sunday March 22nd between 11.00 – 22.00 at INNOVATHENS building.