The University of Western Attica surprises us at ASF 2022!

21 October, 2022 News

The field of education is constantly evolving, and each AI tool and technology can bring a new wave of automation and close knowledge gaps in the traditional quality systems that already exist. The same happens in the field of research.

The research projects of the University of Western Attica invest in knowledge and bring innovation to society. Its researchers share knowledge and the research project becomes a social asset while its synergies pave the way for social prosperity.

PADA, due to the Athens Science Festival, Worlds of Tomorrow, comes and shows us its research and educational actions on Artificial Intelligence and its applications. As part of the exhibits, results from research projects that are being carried out or have been completed will be presented to the public, along with actions that are expected to be completed in the near future. What do we mean?

We play, research and design together through:

  • Use of humanoid robot NAO in general education and special education, with examples of interactive applications
  • Use of machine learning algorithms to recognize human presence and activity through microwave radar
  • Application of smartwatches for remote communication without visual or voice contact of the users
  • Design and Construction of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles “DRONES”
  • Educational designs in a Museum!
  • Artificial Educational Robotics to promote Computational Thinking in a Mixed Context

We are waiting for you to get informed together and plan tomorrow! Where; Οf course, at the Athens Science Festival on October 21, 22 and 23.