Theo Anagnostopoulos & Ilias Psyroukis | The explorer inside you

27 March, 2021 News

Human history is full of explorers, people who had the courage to sail in “uncharted waters” and the perseverance to open roads on impassable paths! However, today, since every corner of the globe has been uncovered, exploration has a different meaning.

Theo Anagnostopoulos and Ilias Psiroukis have been honored by National Geographic with the title of Explorer for the social action of their organizations and for their ability to inspire through education. In a fascinating discussion titled “The explorer inside you”, they will talk about what it means to be an explorer today and how this culture can be cultivated for the next generation.

Maira Mparmpa will moderate the discussion.

Theo Anagnostopoulos is a geneticist, science engager, social entrepreneur, and since 2021, a National Geographic Explorer. He is the co-founder and general manager of SciCo, an international social enterprise aiming to make science and technology simple and understandable to the public and various stakeholder groups. He is also the co-founder of the Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Thessaly, and Mediterranean Science Festivals, as well as of other successful science communication projects. Moreover, he is the co-founder of Theta Communications, a company specialising in experiential training of employees. Theo holds a PhD in medical genetics from King’s College London, and his Postdoctoral research work was in hereditary cancer.

Ilias Psyroukis is a National Geographic Young Explorer, space pioneer, educator, and recognized in Forbes 30under30 Greece 2021 list.Ilias Psyroukis has been focusing on Space Technologies since 2012. Ilias is now a leading entrepreneur in the New Space Generation in Greece. As CEO at the SPIN – Space Innovation, Ilias develops training programs to enhance and expand young people’s skills and knowledge, and research and develop new space-related technologies. 

Speech title: The explorer inside you || Date & time: Saturday 27, March, 12.00-12.50