Language, Maths, Physics, Biology? Or Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Programming, Genetics? We are not far from the time that the latter will be part of our basic education. It is not the first time we hear about them, however, by a modern trend, they are becoming part of our everyday life.

With knowledge and open access to innovative tools as a weapon, we can now invent new technologies, create imaginative constructions, and take the science in our hands, “Shaping our Future”! With this motto, the Athens Science Festival, returned to the Technopolis of the City of Athens from March 29 to April 2, 2017 for a dive in the technology of the future: drones, internet of things, virtual reality and robot cars, among many others.

During the Athens Science Festival, the younger as well as adult audiences had the opportunity to attend exhibitions, screenings and thought-provoking lectures and debates by renowned Greek and foreign scientists and to take part in workshops, various educational activities and educational games.

The Athens Science Festival is jointly organised by the educational organisation “Science Communication – SciCo”, the British Council, the Technopolis of the City of Athens, the Onassis Scholars’ Association and the General Secretariat for Research and Technology, in collaboration with a variety of academic, research and educational institutions. 

You can view the entire programme of ASF 2017 here.