In times of hardship, heroes emerge!

The pandemic and its devastating effects on the entire planet brought to the forefront a new order of heroes, who stem primarily from the field of science! These are the kinds of heroes who were honored by the Athens Science Virtual Festival 2021!

The COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing measures were the triggers for us to introduce the digital era of the Festival, as a new way of showcasing our events and further expanding our audience across and beyond Greece. The digital format of the festival involved a range of live online events, pre-recorded events with live Q&A sessions, participatory workshops, and other novel digital formats.

The festival not only showcased a COVID-related theme, in order to inform the broad public on relevant scientific developments but also included a large variety of complementary scientific areas of interest:

Machine Learning | AI | Digital Transformation | Health | Robotics | STEM Education | Environment | Sustainable Development | Art

Meanwhile, a wide variety of topics from science and humanities were presented by well-known and prestigious academics, researchers, and educators in an intuitive, attractive, and interactive way.


The Athens Science Festival is organized on an annual basis by the educational organization “SciCo – Science Communication”, the British Council, and the Technopolis of the City of Athens with the invaluable contribution of a plethora of academic, research, and educational institutions. Strategic partner of the Athens Science Festival 2021 was the National Technical University of Athens. The festival is conducted under the auspices of the General Secretariat of Research and Technology.

Download the programme of the Athens Science Virtual Festival 2021.