Alkistis was born in London and grew up in Athens. She has studied 3D Computer Graphics Animation-Multimedia Productions and Graphic Design. She works as a graphic designer, educator, film editor and animator. She belongs to the creative team of TECHNOPOLIS CITY OF ATHENS since 2009 and she was for 14 years tutor of Animation & Interactive Media at AKTO College (partner of Middlesex University). She is a founder member of ASIFA HELLAS (Greek part of the International Film Association) and a member of the International Animation Children Workshop Group, AWG. As a representative of the Greek animation art scene, she has taken part in numerous festivals, both local and international, channeling her love for the art through workshops designed and conducted by her, addressing all ages, while her films have been screened and received awards. One of her latest achievements is winning the first prize in the global completion for creating the celebration logo of the International Association of Animators.

email: [email protected]