Aristotle Tympas (MSc, Chemical Engineering, Aristotelio University, 1989; MSc, Technology & Science Policy, Georgia Tech, 1995; PhD, History & Sociology of Technology, Georgia Tech, 2001) currently serves as: Chair, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, NKUA; Director, Interdepartmental Graduate Program ‘Science, Technology, Society—Science and Technology Studies’;  Research Vice President,  European Inter-University Association on Society, Science and Technology; Member,  IEEE Computer Society History Committee; Member, Committee of the ‘Envirotech: Bridging the Histories of Environment and Technology’ Group, Society for the History of Technology; Coordinator, International Research Specialization ‘Digital Technology in Society’.

In the past, has served as: Chair, Management Committee, ‘Tensions of Europe: Research Network on History, Technology and Europe’; Chair, Scientific Council, National Documentation Centre.

He has received fellowships from NSF, Chemical Heritage Foundation, Smithsonian Institution, IEEE History Center, Hagley Museum and Library. Visiting Scholar: MIT Program in Science, Technology and Society; Viadrina Center B/Orders in Motion, Germany; Center of Research Excellence ‘Swedish Institute for Disability Research’.