Yianna Papaioannou-Sigalou studied biology in England. During her studies she was involved in the promotion of ecology and biology within the student community, something that led her to the field of science communication. She later completed her master’s degree at UCL on science communication with a strong focus on climate change.

She then started working as a communications officer intern at the Institute for European Environmental Policy in London and later at Zero Waste Europe in Brussels where she gained valuable experience in the practical aspects of science communication.

Writing scientific articles and blogs has been one of her passions since she started her studies, and thoroughly practiced during her internships when she also co-wrote an article for the Green European Journal. Today, she continues to pursue writing by being a regular science writer for the blog: ClimateFour.com 

She is a member of SciCo’s science communication Ambassadors 2019/20 team and is very excited to be a part of ASF2020.