Katerina is an applied mathematician and science communicator.  She is the Mathematics Curator for the Festival. She holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Oxford, a BA in Mathematics from Cambridge, and an MS in Applied Physics from Columbia. She is currently based in Cyprus, teaching Maths and Physics university courses, and doing research, after 15 years abroad. Throughout the years she has researched many fascinating applications of mathematics in our lives. Katerina has also worked for some time as a business consultant with the Boston Consulting Group, an international consulting firm, where she enjoyed solving business problems. She is a Famelabber, and her involvement with science communication started in 2004 when she participated in Oxford’s competition for the best popularized PhD talk in the Sciences (and received the first prize). She has delivered several popularized talks to diverse audiences; in 2013 she talked at TEDxNicosia about re-branding maths. She is passionate about innovative science teaching and she has collaborated with TED-Ed (ed.ted.com) for the production of educational animation. When she is not doing science or talking about science she likes to sing, dance, and go to film festivals.