Maria was born in Athens and studied Chemistry at the University of Crete. She returned to Athens to study her MSc at the Department of Pharmacy at UOA, while she did her MSc thesis at the Radiopharmaceutical Lab at INASTRES Demokritos. Afterwards, she moved to the Netherlands where she carried her PhD thesis studying the synthesis of new radiopharmaceuticals to help in the diagnosis of breast cancer, at the Radboud University Medical Center. 

Since 2020 she continually works on science communication writing articles for large audience in Greece and the UK. She works at a non-profit science communication organization, based in London, where she hosts seminars for scientists and students helping them communicate their science projects to the general public. Since 2021 she is an active member of Greek Women in STEM. 

She hopes for a better future, where science is closer to the public.