Christos Kyratsous | Can we beat a global pandemic with a cocktail?

11 May, 2023

Does the word “cocktail” bring you joy? According to Christos Kyratsous, it may now also bring you hope for the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic!

As the urgent global quest for effective therapies to prevent and treat Covid-19 continues, an effective tool for the treatment of infectious diseases has been brought to the spotlight: neutralizing antibodies. In his talk at Athens Science Festival platform, the Vice President of Research, Infectious Disease and Viral Vector Technologies at Regeneron walks us through the scientists’ efforts to create a cocktail of human antibodies that are effective for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19. Dr. Kyratsous also shares with us the encouraging results of the early clinical tests.

The discussion was moderated by Christos Panagiotidis.