Sotiris Kovos | Car Design: rupture or reconciliation with the past?

13 February, 2018

What makes a car adored by the public? Is it its efficiency and aesthetics, or are the criteria by which we make our decisions deeply rooted within us? According to car designer Sotiris Kovos, our personal code of values is what defines our consuming habits. The successful designer of Toyota Yaris, revealed his source of inspiration that shapes our dreams.

Sotiris Kovos is a car designer. He worked for Toyota and Lexus European Design Division as Chief Designer and later in Audi as Chief Exterior Designer. He became famous for the design of the Toyota Yaris, which was voted “Car of the Year 2000” in Europe and Japan, and won numerous other awards. He also designed the luxurious Lexus SC430 and a number of other cars mainly for Toyota and Lexus. He designed all the series of electric cars-buses and trams for the French company “Bollore”. Finally he operates in designing scooters for the Greek “Nipponia”, as well as for other products such as racing cars-boats-bicycles and furnitures.