Michail Bletsas: Ιnternet connectivity

Michail Bletsas
Research Scientist and the Director of Computing at MIT’s Media Lab

Ιnternet connectivity: moving forward

While the world as a whole is approaching 50% of internet penetration, treating internet access as a human right is gaining momentum. Many efforts are underway to connect the last billion. Drones, balloons, satellites, lasers are being deployed to extend the internet’s reach to the most difficult to reach areas. In the developed world more and more internet traffic is being carried over wireless links saturating available spectrum. In Greece, penetration is increasing, however the country is far away from achieving the goals of the European Digital Agenda 2020. In this talk, we are looking into ways to move forward, improving connectivity in all of these dissimilar contexts.

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Michail Bletsas is a Research Scientist and the Director of Computing at MIT’s Media Lab. He was a member of the core technical and design team for the “One Laptop Per Child” initiative which created the pioneering, award-winning “XO” laptop.He has been involved with startups in many diverse capacities: cofounder, advisor, director, investor, consultant. Over the years, he has advised governments around technology policy issues and provided expert opinion in technical matters to top-level officials.He has implemented broadband access networks using cutting-edge technologies including one of the earliest ADSL testbeds and various wireless technologies. Mr. Bletsas has been a frequent keynote speaker in international conferences and has been engaged in many civic activities.