#Re-use old telephone devices! Pick up the receiver of old, rare telephone devices and hear the history of the telephone that you are holding as well as interesting stories for the environment. #Reuse – #Recycle…it’s an old story! Did recycling exist in the prehistoric era? What were the effects after the industrial revolution in both our lives and the environment What are the changes, after all, in our everyday life and the environment from the smart choices we make day after day?
Is it possible for a hawk to live in town? Visit the Telecommunications Museum exhibition in Technopolis! Listen and experience our stories enriched with AR apps!

Participation days:
04/04/2019, 05/04/2019, 06/04/2019, 07/04/2019

Otegroup Telecommunications Museum


Vassia Palikyra, Stacey Ventoura