The sounds of the Cosmos


Can you imagine that researchers at the Virgo gravitational wave detector can measure distances with accuracy better than one thousandth of the size of the proton? Did you know that the gold we encounter in our everyday lives comes from the cataclysmic collision of two neutron stars? We will explore the new observation al window to the Cosmos opened by Gravitational Wave Astronomy and learn about future discoveries!
The activity is organized by Ellinogermaniki Agogi with the support of the European Gravitational Observatory and INFN, in the framework of the European Project: Surrounded by Science (
Organization-Implementation: Emmanouil Chaniotakis, Dr. Sofoklis Sotiriou, Dr. Dimitris Koulentianos, Georgios Athanasopoulos (Greek-German Education)
Support: Dr. Vincenzo Napolano, Giada Rossi, Elisa Velcani (EGO).

Participation days:
16/04/2024, 17/04/2024, 18/04/2024, 19/04/2024, 20/04/2024, 21/04/2024

Ellinogermaniki Agogi


Emmanouil Chaniotakis: Physicist
Maria Panagopoulou: Physicist